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The Stasi Records Agency publishes several publications a year. A shelve in a library with several books.

The Publications of BStU

The Federal Commissioner publishes several series of publications and individual publications on the state of MfS research, and on the research of general subjects, archive-related topics as well as on political education.

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MfS manual and other BStU publications

The MfS manual "Anatomie der Staatssicherheit" ("Anatomy of State Security") presents the structure and method of operation of the MfS alongside of the individual MfS service units as well as certain highlights.

Smaller studies and documentation appear in additional series published by the BStU itself. You can acquire these publications for a nominal fee directly at the BStU. Discounts are possible for scholars, students and educational facilities.

For orders, please contact:

Abteilung Bildung und Forschung

Postfach 218
10106 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0)30 23 24-88 03
Fax: +49 (0)30 23 24-88 09

BStU publications in publishing houses

More comprehensive academic treatises are included in the "Analysen und Dokumente" ("Analyses and Documents") series. This series as well as separate individual publications are available at book stores. Volumes 1 to 20 are published by the Christoph Links Verlag, Berlin (, volumes 21 to 26 by the Verlag Edition Temmen, Bremen ( From volume 27 on, the publications are published by the Verlag Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen (

The "Biografische Quellen" ("Biographical Sources") series is available at book stores or at the publishing house. Volume 1 and 2 of "Biographical Sources" are published by the Verlag Edition Temmen, from Volume 3 the series is published by the Verlag Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.

The publications in the "Archiv zur DDR-Staatssicherheit" ("Archive on GDR State Security") series are published by the "Arbeitsgruppe Archivwissenschaftliche Aufarbeitung" ("Archival Reconstruction Work Group") (AG AwA) of the BStU by Lit-Verlag. They are available from the Lit-Verlag, Münster ( or at book stores.

Additional Publications

Some titles of BStU scholars on the topic of GDR history and MfS research are also published by other specialized and general publishing houses. These publications are available at book stores.

All titles can also be seen in the Library of the BStU.

Some of our publications (which you'll find on German language pages)

  • MfS manual
  • Analyses and records
  • Individual publications
  • Archive on GDR State Security
  • Specialized archival publications
  • Additional publications

English Publications

The BStU offers some publications in English, which you can order or directly download.