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Film scene from the movie 'Barbara'. A woman is leaning against the wall.

Open Air Cinema

Open-air films at the "Stasi Headquarters. Campus for Democracy"

The former headquarters of the Ministry for State Security (or "Stasi") once housed thousands of employees of the East German secret police tasked with helping to secure the power of the Communist dictatorship. Today it is a place where these injustices of the past are addressed and connected to discussions about contemporary conflicts and values of society.

From August 11 until September 3 2020, the inner courtyard of the former Stasi headquarters in Berlin-Lichtenberg will be transformed into a large open-air cinema. Over the course of four weeks, the film festival will present documentaries each Tuesday and feature films on Thursdays on the subject of the Stasi and life in East Germany.

We will present three of our feature films with English subtitles:

Film scene from the movie 'Barbara'. A woman and a girl are driving a bicycle.

August 13
Barbara: 105 min, 2012
East Germany in 1980: Barbara is a physician who used to work at the prestigious Charité hospital in East Berlin. After she had filed an official request to leave East Germany she had been transferred to a small town where she is still monitored by the Stasi. Her West German lover is preparing for her escape.

August 27
Fatherland: 105 min, 1986 - English/German audio with English subtitles
Famous East German protest singer Klaus Drittemann is being prohibited from performing because of his critical lyrics. After his forced defection to West Berlin he comes into conflict with the Western society. Klaus' disillusionment and exile eventually lead him to search for his long-lost father and in the process uncovers some of his own personal and national history. - Lead actor Gerulf Pannach also had to leave East Germany in 1977 for being a dissident musician.

Das Bild zeigt einen Mann, der an einer Mauer entlangläuft. An dieser steht geschrieben: 'Komm rüber'.
Szene aus dem Film 'Gundermann'. Der Protagonist steht lächelnd mit seiner Gitarre auf einer Bühne.

September 3
Gundermann: 127 min, 2018
Biopic about the life of Gerhard Gundermann (1955-1998), a digger operator by day and a singer-songwriter by night, a devoted Communist, an informant to the Stasi and at the same time a victim of their surveillance. Gundermann is a musical film and a love movie, a drama about guilt and repentance and last but not least about a country that has seized to exist.

Before the main films we will present original audio-visual material and other documents from the Stasi records archive. Following the films we will have podium talks with filmmakers, contemporary witnesses and Stasi experts (presentations and discussions will be in German). Visitors are invited to join the discussion.

Admission to the Campus Cinema is free.
Screenings will begin at 7:30 pm. Until then two exhibitions on the grounds will be accessible:
Access to Secrecy - Exhibition On The Stasi Records Archive
Revolution and the Fall of the Wall - Open Air Exhibition
The exhibit "State Security in the SED-Dictatorship" at the Stasimuseum is open until 6 pm.

The open-air cinema series will take place in compliance with the general rules of conduct and hygiene as passed by the Berlin Senate.

  • Please leave your contact details at one of the tables in the entrance area.
  • Wearing a mask over mouth and nose is mandatory when you are not in your seat.
  • Keep at least 1.5 metres distance to other guests.
  • Please keep the chairs at their position (distance rules).

Full programme in German